Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Out of Order

No, the blog is not out of order. Although, it would appear that way after being abandoned for nearly 3 months. What is out of order are the posts I am going to attempt to catch up on. I still want to blog about the kids and the furbabies and the crazy, busy life that has become the mainstay for us Funny Noses.

So much has happened. I turned 40. Jake turned 10. Bailey is no longer a puppy. Summer is around the corner. Yikes!

But this past weekend was Mother's Day. We started off the celebration early because Friday our school had a Mother/Son putt-putt and social. It is much harder for me to find reasons to spend time alone with Jake, especially as he gets older but this worked out perfectly. Although, keeping it real and in grand Jake fashion, he politely asked to ditch me to play with his friends after completing the mini golf course once with me. That is why I made sure we went out to dinner alone before the event and went to get Sonic desserts together afterwards.

Just Jake and I:


With the Millers:


On Saturday we went to lunch at Joe's grandmother's and celebrated Mother's Day with his family. I never pass up an opportunity to get a a photo with the kids in Grandma's gorgeous garden:


On Mother's Day I was woken up with fun gifts made at school, thoughtful cards and beautiful flowers. After my requisite run and chores, we were able to enjoy a BBQ with the Millers before snuggling on the couch and catching up on AFV. It was quite nice.

And just the weekend prior I had taken Jadyn for a mommy/daughter date that included finally seeing Rio 2 (we were both big fans of the first one) and a shopping trip to Bath and Body Works. We were celebrating her meeting her 3rd trimester reading goal early. We are so proud of how hard she works to do well in school. So much about Jadyn reminds me of me at that age. I just hope she isn't like me as a teenager!


And that's just one weekend out of the many I still need to catch up on. Wish me luck!


Carrie said...

Jadyn is SO cute in that floral dress with the denim jacket! Although, those are all great photos! I am going to try to do one on one dates with each kid once a month during the summer, thanks to my Mom's help!

Beth said...

Nice to see you back! And I feel like a louse for not realizing you celebrated your 40th!! Happy belated b-day. Looking forward to "catching up" with you as you post more. :-)