Tuesday, May 20, 2014

February Ketchup

Most of this is a rehash of Facebook statuses but since my blog becomes our permanent memory book every year, I'm going to ignore the duplicity in an effort to catch up.

On February 9th I ran the Palm Springs 5K for the 2nd time. I had really hoped to train to run the half marathon but my body had different plans. If I ever run a half marathon it is going to have to be a long drawn out training schedule. Lesson learned. The really cool thing about this particular 5K was getting to run it with my bestie Tina and my favorite running partner, Kuma. It was particularly poignant because it was during this time that we realized Kuma had been experiencing partial seizures. A checkup at the vet showed normal bloodwork and further diagnostics to investigate the cause of the seizures would have been very costly so we adopted a wait and see approach with a very detailed log of the seizures. I also put him on a grain-free, limited ingredient diet in the hopes that the seizures may be related to an allergy. While we are only cautiously optimistic, I am happy to report that Kuma has been seizure free since February 6th.



Mid-February is the time of year that all upper grade elementary students participate in the annual science fair and it is one of the few times Jake is actually excited about school. This year he investigated the effect of a catapult assisted take-off on accuracy and distance. His interest in this stems from naval aircraft taking off from aircraft carriers at sea. The project became a family affair as we went to the park to run trials and help him assemble his display board. Here he is presenting to his class:


Close up:


We had a fun tutu spirit day at school:



We celebrated Valentine's Day with a long weekend and the Lego Movie:


And we got some much needed living room furniture with our tax return:



But that's not all that happened in February.......


Carrie said...

LOVE your new couches, Jen! We really need some new ones, but may wait another few years since Brian is great at cleaning them. The kids are SO hard on them! ugh!

Beth said...

Man--don't leave us hanging!! LOL. LOVE Jake's science project and that he's actually excited to participate. I HATED science projects as a kid. I hope my attitude doesn't spill over to my kids. And yay for new furniture! Looks great.