Monday, December 2, 2013

Knott's Berry Farm 2013

Once again we picked a day to play hooky from work/school and go to Knott's Berry Farm. Thanks in large part to their generation promotion for all veterans, we just can't miss out on the family fun a day at this amusement park guarantees (even if the boys were being party poopers not wanting to pose with the Peanuts gang).


Now, some of you may recall that last year I convinced Jake to go on one of my all time favorite roller coasters, Montezooma's Revenge and a year later, I still don't think Jake has forgiven me. Well this year I am happy to report that my little thrill seeker Jadyn was finally tall enough to ride it and she absolutely LOVED it. LOVED it. We went three times and we would have gone more if they hadn't shut it down for the day.


And we finally figured out Jake's "thrill" threshold. He was not a fan sitting at the tail end of the dragon swing:


The difference in their faces in this picture speaks a thousand words:


Spinning round and round? Fun!


Being high in the sky? Fun!


Still able to enjoy the kiddie rides in Camp Snoopy? Fun!


But apparently anything that drops down or goes upside down is a no go for Jake. At least now we know.

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Beth said...

Well, 1 out of 2's not bad. :-) William does not enjoy the bottom-dropping-out-of-your-stomach feeling, either. Glad you guys got to go again this year!