Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jadyn Version 7.5

Last Thursday at the 1st trimester award assembly Jadyn received a special award for academic achievement. Each trimester only one student from each class is selected for this award. While presenting the award, Jadyn's teacher spoke about her exemplary work in reading, writing and math; how she always gives 110% in all she does, displays excellent behavior, goes out of her way to help others as well as helping out in the classroom and around the school.

I was especially proud that her teacher recognized Jadyn for her willingness to help others and her overall involvement in the school. While only in 2nd grade, Jadyn loves to participate and volunteer for various school activities. She comes into my classroom during recesses to help make posters advertising upcoming school events and fundraisers. She worked the 2nd grade game booth at the fall festival. She participates in the running club once a week and earned a role as a villager in the upcoming school play. She even came with me to school on staff development day and helped organize and staple homework packets. Of course for that she was rewarded with lunch out and an afternoon of shopping that turned into a special mommy/daughter day.

Helping out in the classroom:


Enjoying a shake from Ruby's afterwards:


Helping out the ring toss booth at the fall festival:


In addition to her award for academic achievement, Jadyn also received the Star Reading award and met her Accelerated Reading goal for the trimester:


At age 7 Jadyn seems to be displaying what is considered typical developmental behavior for her age. She is extremely emotional, crying at the drop of a hat over minor things. Despite being very social and outgoing, she seems to be struggling with being away from mom and dad for too long a time and she is overly critical of herself requiring lots of reassurance and praise. Although I could do without the sensitivity, I love watching Jadyn's spunky, creative and kind personality continue to emerge. I love that she constantly wants to help out and she constantly wants to create (she is delighted every time we have an empty toilet paper roll for her to make something out of).


You just never know what she is going to come up with next!



Lindsay said...

Way to go, Jadyn! Keep that sweet spirit, girl!

Cacey said...

What a sweetheart! You must be so proud of her! And I hear you on the oversensitive thing...Sophia is that way too. Wait until they're teenagers, ugh!

Beth said...

Super impressive! I love how you capture her personality. You have awesome kids!