Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cub Scouts - life as a bear

It's not just school and soccer that's keeping Jake busy. He has also been having a blast at cub scouts, this year as a bear. They've already done so many fun activities this fall and better yet, Jake is learning new skills.

One of the father's of the cub scouts is a police officer, so he came in and shared information about his job and how to keep safe:


Joe came in and did a woodworking project with the boys. They made really cool tool caddies:



And my favorite, watching the boys learn how to bake brownies. These boys spend every Wednesday together and Jake has known Christopher since preschool. They all attend different elementary schools and on the soccer field they were rivals, but at cub scouts, they are such close friends:

photo (64)

Conversely, Jadyn likes to come every week to spend time with the younger sisters. Again she has known Stephanie since preschool and has become fast friends with Brooklyn as well. They like coming to scouts just as much as the boys:

photo (63)

photo (62)

It's also fun to celebrate the holidays with this tight knit group. For Halloween the kids got to decorate their own sugar cookies. Jake went a little overboard with candy corn:



And I can't see what other fun and useful things they will learn next!

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Carrie said...

Autumn loves to come along to the meetings, too and she plays with the other girls. Wow, he has had a lot of activities so far! Nathan has done a bird poster and a hygiene chart so far. We had turkey bowling last night at their turkey feast... they bowl with a frozen turkey. lol.