Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another great soccer season

Preface - I have no idea where November went. While I am off for the Thanksgiving break, I am going to attempt to catch up.

Jake had an amazing soccer season. I cannot truly express how much I love watching him play this sport. Maybe it's the fact that I loved playing this sport as a kid myself. Maybe it's because while Jake does only the minimum necessary in so many other tasks, with soccer he gives 110% and the passion he has for the game radiates from him.

This was his second year playing in the under 10 division, the youngest competitive division in the league. Our new next door neighbor Art served as head coach and I served as team mom. Although we had a lot of first and second year players (which surprised us at this level), we had a great group of boys and even better for me, a great group of families. It really was fun to watch them grow and improve as a team.

Ultimately however, the team fell just short of moving on to the Commissioner's Cup (playoffs), coming in 3rd place. Jake was nominated for all-stars but we won't find out if he was selected until December. I am hoping he makes the team because while I really dislike the evening practices in the middle of the coldest month of the year, I would love the opportunity for Jake to continue the season.

Here are some highlights of Jake playing during the season:

Jake 3

Jake 4

Jake 6

Jake 8

Jake 9

Jake 10

Jake 12

Jake 14

Jake 17

Jake 20




Team photo after the last game:


Jake with Coach Art being presented his trophy at our end of season party:


I had a score can for parents and family members to put loose change and small bills inside each time the King Cobras scored a goal. By the end of the season, I was able to pay for the team to have a party at our town's new indoor bounce facility. It was super fun:


But eventually the fun must come to an end. You spend so much time together in a short time and before you know it, it's over. However, you are left with fond memories, a good experience and another great soccer season.

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