Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our own version of Shark Week

With me done working summer school, the kids did one more session of swim lessons. By the end of the week, both Jake and Jadyn were diving off the block like old pros:



While Jake is very confident in most of the skills covered in this level (known as Sharks), it hasn't been so easy for Jadyn. She is by far the youngest in the class and she moved through the levels very quickly. Diving off the block in particular was very daunting to her and she has struggled trying to learn the breaststroke. However, she has not given up and I am so proud of all the progress she made in such a short amount of time.

Watching Jake in the water this last week, it was clear that he has become a proficient swimmer so I am not sure why it surprised me so much when he was presented with a certificate of completion! He had passed Sharks, which is the highest level in the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program. The next step for him, should he choose to continue (and I hope he does) would be Guard Start training when he turns 11 to train to become a junior lifeguard. Until then he can take Sharks again to keep practicing or continue to practice on his own. Very cool.


 While we are done with swim lessons and the community pool for the summer, the kids will still have plenty of opportunity to swim. Our summer isn't over yet!


Carrie said...

Love the title ;) I am hoping to get the kids to the pool a lot more, too.

Joanna said...

I like your version of shark week. It's much cuter than TV and the kids end up with life long water skills. Win-win.