Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taking Advantage!

We finally had a weekend with weather that is more the norm for a SoCal winter - highs in the 60's. I sure did welcome it. Even better with school out Monday for the MLK holiday, it was a THREE day weekend. We were lazy and productive at home for a good part of Saturday and Sunday, although we did go to the dog park and BMX track.

Monday however, it was just too beautiful not to do something outdoors so the kids and I went with Tina, Dominic and Michael and drove into the park to hike the Barker Dam trail. The kids had been asking to go to a trail that had good rock scrambling and this is one of our favorites. It was a little disappointing although not surprising given our lack of precipitation to find no water at the dam but we still enjoyed the trail.


So rare for me to get a good picture of Jake with a genuine smile. Love this one!:



Kids forming a conga line along the trail. They are so silly when the four of them get together:



The kids are monkeys on the rocks. Jumping, climbing, laying out on them. You name it:




We finished off with a picnic lunch at a neighboring campground (Hidden Valley) and then headed home for a short play date with the kids. It just made me even more excited for winter to start giving way to spring so we can go on even more hikes. I can't wait!


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