Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sundays at the track

During the colder winter months, the local BMX track switches from a week night race schedule to a Sunday afternoon race schedule. While I absolutely appreciate eliminating the need to sit out in the cold on week nights, I don't know that I am overly excited about giving up my Sundays - the one day a week we generally used to stay home all day.

However, the other positive about being at the track in the afternoon versus nighttime is that I am better able to take pictures of Jake on the track.

Coming off the gate during a qualifying race. Jake is in 2nd place with the blue helmet:


 Going through the rhythm section of the track:


This was last week when it was still really COLD. Slow day at the track. The main event was Jake's best friend Dominic (in first), Jake and Dominic's little brother Michael:


Before crossing the finish line. He never could get close to Dominic on this particular day. Second place!:


And in other sports-related news, we have been taking the kids out back, practicing throwing and catching and it was enough to remind Jake that he really does enjoy baseball. Therefore, he is going to play again this year. I am very pleased as I really felt strongly that he needed to give it another season before making any decisions about whether this is a sport he wants to continue to play. He had such a great season last year and this year he will be in Minors, which is peer-pitch as opposed to that awful machine. While Jadyn enjoys going outside and playing catch, she still has no interest in playing softball even though she did enjoy t-ball last year. I am comfortable with this decision as she loves her cheer class and is talking about trying out for the school play this spring.

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