Monday, September 20, 2010

Our life in soccer and Legos

The weekend after Labor Day the kids had opening ceremonies and first games for soccer. Friday night we went to the opening ceremonies where to my surprise, the kids had a blast playing all the fundraiser games like the bean bag toss and dart throwing at balloons but after practicing for weeks what they were both really excited about was to be finally playing a game, although Jadyn was also quite nervous.

I am pleased to report that with Jadyn, it is going better than expected. When she is on the field, she sort of chases the action and tries to avoid actually having to kick the ball unless it ends up right in front of her but at least she is running around on the field. She is trying. She is most aggressive when playing goalie, truly wanting to stop the other team from scoring. I don't know if soccer is something she will continue to want to play past this season but for now she is having fun and I couldn't ask for anything more.

Here she is following the action on the field:

Stopping a goal:

Kicking it to her teammates:

As for Jake, he is so fun to watch out on the field. He is turning into quite a good defender being as how he can pull off legal slide tackles at such a young age. The only problem is he needs to learn when it is to his advantage to use it versus staying on his feet. It is odd to see my "baby" boy, who is almost always the smallest one on the field, play so aggressively. I love it.

What I don't love is the typical desert September weather. After months of hovering near the 100's and with school in session and the pool done for the year, it just doesn't seem right to be watching the kids play soccer with temperatures still in the 90's. Soccer is a fall sport meant to be played in milder fall weather. Of course I sound like a broken record because it is always hot here until we get closer to Halloween.

Thankfully on Sunday of that same weekend, we were fortunate enough to be able to escape the desert and join the kids friends' Gavin and Hayden at Legoland where they were celebrating both the boys' birthdays! We have definitely made good use of our season passes.

Jadyn got to take a picture with a life-size Lego guy:

And Jake loved posing with his own light saber and a life-sized Lego Darth Vader.

This last week was more of the same, school and soccer only we added another activity as Jadyn started her pre-ballet class on Mondays. And we took Friday on Thursday (how odd does that sound?) to get fixed. Between Jadyn's preschool teacher expecting in November and trying to explain why we don't want the cat to father a bunch of kitties, I am getting asked a lot of questions about the birds and bees. Thankfully, Daddy came home Friday night from almost 3 weeks of straight traveling so he can help me address those questions. Oh and as if this last week wasn't busy enough, Thursday night was also Jake's back-to-school night. Since I volunteer in the classroom weekly, I probably could have skipped it, but Jake was actually excited to go to his school at night, so we went anyway. Then over the weekend, we had soccer games on Saturday and a birthday party at the bowling alley on Sunday.

Phew! I am getting tired all over again with this recap. Looking forward to my girls weekend in Vegas, which is fast approaching.


Joanna said...'ve got a lot going on. Love the pictures. Jadyn is so adorable as a goalie with big bag shorts. So cute.

I have to say, I'm in her camp. I tried soccer, but I hated having people kicking at my legs and gave up quickly.

Steph said...

Cute and more cute in those pictures. Cooper would be all over the Darth Vader Lego statue.