Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Swim

When we had those thundershowers come through a couple of weeks ago, it put an unexpected end to our pool days at home. For those who have an above ground pool, you know how hard they are to keep clean. Well, we didn't have enough chemicals in the pool and the rain basically turned the water into a slimy green mess. Time to drain it! And honestly with the cooler temperatures on the horizon and the kids busy with school and other activities, we probably only would have made in the pool a handful more time. But still, it made me a little said because I usually make a semi-big production the last time we go in the pool before putting it up for the year.

Soo, to make up for it, the Friday of Labor Day weekend I took Jake out of school a little early and took the kids down to the Desert Hot Springs Spa Resort (now only about 30 minutes away). They have a variety of 8 different cold and hot mineral pools and spas and for a small fee, you can utilize them for the day. This was only our second visit this summer and is definitely a winning hot weather outing.

Jake is basically swimming on his own and Jadyn can keep herself from drowning but her above water stroke is still a little shaky so Jake proclaimed himself Jadyn's "protector" whenever she needed help. I snapped this picture on my camera phone when he had his arms around her in the pool and it turned into one of my favorite pictures of the summer:

We spent almost 3 hours swimming that afternoon and we had an absolute blast. When it was time to leave, the kids were pretty worn out so I decided to put a movie on for the ride home. But of course they couldn't decide on a movie so I offered to play "eeny meeny miny moe" if the person who wasn't picked promised not to give me any attitude.

Well, Jake won and I put on Peter Pan and started driving home. I heard some noises from the back and then Jake whining, "Mom, Jadyn is attituding!". How can you do anything but laugh at that? He turned the word attitude into a verb and it is quite fitting.

And I have to say, it has caught on. Now the whole family calls each other out when one of us is "attituding".

The rest of our Labor Day Weekend was fun as well. We had a BBQ with friends over on Sunday after relaxing on Saturday and then Monday we took the boat out for one last trip to the river. I purposely left the camera at home so I could just enjoy our day on the water, although I did take one picture of myself with my camera phone to use as my new profile pic on Facebook. I guess the point is that Labor Day weekend felt like the official good-bye to the summer and that makes me both sad that it went by so fast but also excited for fall.

Then again, if the weather continues to be this warm much further into September, it might not end of being the last swim after all.....


Joanna said...

Oh, attituding is great. I'm going to be using that ASAP. I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to use it too.

Along those lines, one of the Air craft components I'm dealing with at the moment is a standby attitude indicator. Every time I say it, I picture a teenage girl rolling her eyes.

Angela said...

That picture is so great. And LOVE attituding. :-)