Thursday, September 2, 2010

I didn't know they had made a comeback

But apparently The Ninja Turtles are all the rage again.

Both the kids are playing soccer this year and in a crazy twist of fate, both the kids have the same color uniform and the same jersey number. Even more crazy both their teams decided to call themselves The Ninja Turtles.

Picture day was Saturday and they looked so cute in their coordinating uniforms I just had to pose them for a picture myself!


Beth said...

OMG--How cute is that? I LOVE Jadyn's hair and the ponytail holders. Adorable!

Joanna said...

That is adorable! Coordinated soccer uniforms is an impressive feat.

It seems like all the stuff that was big when we were little is coming back. The whole Scooby thing was a big surprise to me.

Karen said...

Too cute! We start soccer here next week.

DesiDVM said...

Just started fall soccer yesterday, most of the same kids from the spring team which was the Tigers. Coach told us yesterday, "Probably 50% of all the teams in this age group were the Tigers last spring. Half our games it was the Tigers vs. the Tigers. Can we please pick a new name?" we're the Scorpions. LOL.

Mel said...

I love it! Green is definitely their color!