Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jadyn's BIG weekend

This last week Jadyn had school every day in order to prepare for the end of the year preschool promotion and graduation. I am not a big fan of overdoing the graduation thing. I would rather see it reserved for the truly big milestones like high school and college. However, watching a group of 3 and 4 year olds sing, dance, wear graduation robes and caps and shyly accept their graduation certificates is nothing short of adorable. What makes it even more special is that we have watched Jake participate in this event for the past two years and now it's Jadyn's turn. I definitely think that having been in the audience in the past helped her prepare because she wasn't in the least bit afraid to sing and she smiled genuinely for all the paparazzi. She did get a little shy when she went up to accept her certificate, as evidenced by her biting her lower lip in the photo but other than that, she did great.

Here she is singing:

Receiving her certificate:

With her pal Hayden after the ceremony:

Eating one of Ms. Rose's famous cupcake cones:

With her teachers:

With Mommy and brother. Joe was there too, he is just allergic to picture taking:

And apparently, Jadyn was pretty tired out from the whole ordeal because outside before leaving I tried to get her to pose with her two friends Amber and Elly and this is the look I got. I thought it was so funny, I had to include it:

But this was only the beginning, because Saturday was Jadyn's 4th birthday party (coincidentally at the same location as her preschool ceremony) and Monday was her official birthday. So Jadyn's BIG weekend was just getting started. We are so proud of our little girl.


Joanna said...

How awesome that she was so comfortable with the ceremony. I can't wait to hear about her party as well. What a big weekend.

DesiDVM said...

Aw they're all getting so big...can you believe our May 06 babies will be in kindergarten next year??

I think little kid graduations are cute. Unnecessary, but still super cute:)