Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jadyn Turns Four

I know it sounds cliche but I can't believe my youngest, my baby girl is 4 years old. It just seems so OLD, like where did the time go? We had her party on Saturday of Memorial weekend since the majority of our friends and family did not have big plans to travel over the holiday. We did it at the splash park again because normally the weather is too hot to do anything that does not include water. As it was, the spring has been very mild and with the breeze, it was almost too chilly to go in the water but I think a majority of the kids did get wet at some point. Thankfully the park also boasts two playgrounds, swing set and skate park so the kids had a good time regardless.

Here is the invite:

And here is Jadyn posing with all her gifts:

Hitting the pinata:

The princess and the frog cake:

With Jake and Kiana from school before we sang happy birthday:

Love this picture. Thanks Rose!:
Opening gifts:

With Sam and Jake after running around in the water:

The absolute highlight of the party was Grandpa Bob showing up in his own tutu:

Back at home, we had a few people over for a BBQ. Jake and Jadyn got to continue the party with their cousins:

Family photo to complete the day:

Sunday of Memorial weekend, we stayed home and vegged. This was seriously the first day since moving that we had nothing going on. Jadyn played with all her new toys including dressing up in her new butterfly wings, wand, tutu skirt, and princess and the frog shirt.

On Monday, which was her actual birthday, Jadyn sported one of her new birthday dresses and we went to see Shrek Forever After (cute!) and had lunch at Red Robin where we had them sing her happy birthday and she didn't even get shy. Yes my baby girl is growing up way too fast.


Joanna said...

It's been hard to see all of our little baby May 2006's turn 4. They all look so grown up. Jadyn is such a pretty young lady. I'm glad she enjoyed her party.

Julie said...

Looks like a great party! I am a little envious that you can reliably count on good weather in southern cal at the end of May. We are still in our rainy season, so we can't do parties outside. Love the cake!