Monday, April 26, 2010

Super Six

So much has happened in the last week that I have decided to start with the most recent and go backwards and hope that by the end of this week I can get caught up.

And so we start with not only the most recent but the most significant - Jake's 6th birthday. I know it gets old to hear it but I just can't believe how quickly children grow. It seems like yesterday I was holding my newborn baby in my arms, in awe that I had just become a mother. And now here he is - smart and funny, one of the most thoughtful people I know (child or adult) and possessing the most infectious smile and laugh. He is our Jake. And in only the first few days since turning 6 he has already deemed himself stronger and better at his videos games because he is a year older, not to mention our mutual decision that he may be getting too big for me to carry (totally not true but it is ongoing joke between us).

On Friday, which was his actual birthday I surprised him by bringing cupcakes to his school during lunch. He shyly grinned as the entire cafeteria sang him happy birthday before he passed out the cupcakes to his classmates. After school, he got to have his best bud Sam over for a sleepover, his first non-family sleepover (further proof that he is growing up way too fast). We had a pizza picnic on the living room floor followed by pretzels and M&M snacks while watching the movie "Cars". Fortunately, the kids were all tired enough that they went to sleep with minimal fuss.

Saturday after his t-ball game, Jake, Jadyn and Joe all took turns playing Super Mario Bros on Jake's new Nintendo DS. I seem to be the only one in the family not addicted to video games.

Sunday was Jake's big Super Mario Bros party and thanks to all the friends and family who were able to attend, it was a overwhelming (albeit exhausting) success.

The set up inside:

The bounce house (and Easter egg bonus of Utah) outside:

Here is Jake with his TWO best buds, Sam and Gavin:

Check out Jake's face during the Coin Battle tournament I set up on Super Mario Bros Wii. Jake went on to win but I made him give the prize to the runner up.

We did have a little glitch with the pinata, which was a pull string that I thought we could got ahead a whack at anyway. It was a fail as the candy spilled out on the first good hit. Good thing the kids quickly forget they didn't get a turn when they saw all that candy!

Since the stores didn't have a Super Mario Bros cake, I had a NASCAR cake converted by adding my own remote control Mario Kart and fondant mushrooms and stars courtesy of Rose. I think it turned out super cute!

Pictures of the birthday boy, Jadyn and Sam in the bounce house:

Check out the faces Jake and cousin Ethan were making as he opened his gifts. Tons of Hot Wheel tracks and another game for his DS. Major score!

The family as the party was winding down:

The party kids (minus two):

Me and my "not so little" boy.

This morning after we took Jake to school, Jadyn asked what party theme Jake would want to do for his birthday next year when he turns seven. I looked at her with wide eyes and mouth agape as I responded, "Let's give Mommy a chance to adjust to the idea of him being six before we start discussing next year's party.". Please.


DesiDVM said...

Wow they do grow up fast! I LOVE the birthday cake - it's funny, I only bake once a year (well I guess it'll be twice now) when I make J's birthday cake/cupcakes, and it's always a huge deal that I plan out for weeks in advance. Too cute!

J is also turning into a little "gamer" - it's cute but at the same time so hard already to tear him away from the computer or PS3. So funny how they get so into it.

Steph said...

The cake turned out great!

Cooper's birthday party is this weekend and he has a Thomas theme. Straight from the grocery store this time for it.

Cooper loves games too- but mostly he just plays them on my iphone. I am sure if he had more opportunity he would take up PS3 or Wii or whatever else is out there and take after his dad! :)

Lindsay said...

I've missed you! The party looks awesome - especially the cake!

LauraC said...

Freaking AMAZING party. No wonder you've been missing from the internet :)

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

6 years old. Sigh. It goes by so quickly.

Heidi O said...

They do grow up and that last comment is hilarious as Max is wanting to plan Maggie's party that is in a few weeks.

It looks like Jake had a blast.