Friday, April 16, 2010

Any chance I could party like a rock star?


I don't think I ever mentioned it but for my birthday in February Joe got me a 3 day pass to the local Coachella Fest. Not too many exciting things happen in our neck of the woods but over the last several years, Coachella has turned into a music and arts event that rivals Lollapalooza in my book. I wanted to try and go last year but it fell on the weekend of Jake's birthday. This year when I found out Muse was headlining the festival Saturday, it became even more apparent that I wanted and needed to be there. And so now the weekend has arrived. The weather is gorgeous and although I am not sure where a 36-year old mom whose last concert was Chris Isaak while 4 months preggos with her first son will fit in with this indie/alt rock fan crowd, I am still super excited to be seeing bands like Them Crooked Vultures, Band Of Skulls, MGMT, Phoenix, Matt&Kim and Mutemath. And of course Muse. Did I mention how much I love, love love, Muse?

Speaking of my birthday, if you recall, my friend Solinda planned a surprise birthday dinner for me and therefore I did not have my camera to capture the moment. Well Solinda made sure to get photos for me and so better late than never, here is me with some of my closest friends: Lindsay and Rose (my partner in crime for this weekend) standing and Ali, Solinda, myself and Maria sitting.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. No doubt I will.


Steph said...

Enjoy the concert(s)! Sounds like fun.


Steph said...

I was surprised how competitive it was at 4 for tball too. Really all I care about is that he has fun and maybe learns some fundamentals. But, they have a stat tracker and an announcer for each kid when they are up to bat. I guess it's serious around here!

I just found out that a friend from high school is moving your way to 29 Palms-- her husband is in the military.

Heidi O said...

Enjoy yourself! Have fun getting out there.

Karen said...

We so have the same taste in music! I would love to see Muse, MGMT and Phoenix.

Corey Wright said...

well you're probably about 1 hour from Muse rocking your socks off. I am out in the desert with my dad right now to catch a boys golf weekend. i decided to sneak into coachella last night to meet up with some friends and catch jay z, who was amazing (hopefully you stayed for it). well have a blast and know that i'm jealous i'm not there tonight too.