Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seven Days of Spring Break 2013 Edition

Monday was Jake's birthday sleepover. As I had mentioned, one of the first activities after his friends arrived was some play time on the Xbox. They love their video games!


Tuesday was Jake's actual birthday, which meant more games, only this time it was at Chuck E. Cheese.



Wednesday the kids spent the day with dad so I could be with my best friend Rose down in San Diego.

Thursday we went miniature golfing, which was a spring break priority for Jadyn. We finished off the afternoon with an early dinner at our favorite spot, Ruby's!



With the weather being simply gorgeous, we went for a hike up in the national park on Friday.


Saturday we had dinner at Grand Bob and Grannie Annie's and then headed out for a Quakes game. Minor league baseball games can be so much fun, especially when you get thrown and catch the end of the game ball:



Sunday it was finally warm enough for some water fun but unfortunately the kids have (sadly) outgrown playing with the water table. The fun didn't last long and they were soon whining for dad to put the pool up. However, they would have to wait as that is something we traditionally reserve for Mother's Day weekend.


And you know what else didn't last long? Spring break! It came late and went by way too fast. Good thing we only have 33 school days left because if anything, it left us ready for summer.

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Carrie said...

It doesn't surprise me that the boys wanted to play on the XBox first hing for his slumber party! You all have been busy!