Friday, April 26, 2013

Jadyn's Theatrical Debut

As I have mentioned, Jadyn got chosen for a minor role in the school play. It comes as no surprise that my little drama queen might actually have an interest in acting. She loves to perform. She is not without her moments of shyness but it doesn't usually stop her. Although she has performed in 2 recitals for her dance studio, this was quite a different experience. She had to get up on stage by herself and sing a song for her audition. She rehearsed her group songs and lines at home and attended after school play rehearsals that kept her at school until 5pm. That is a lot for a 6 year old.

And can I just say how lucky our school is to have a teacher who is willing to volunteer her time and effort to direct two school musicals a year in addition to a talent show? Not all schools are as fortunate.

The musical performed was called "Westward Whoa". It is a comedy about a wagon train that breaks down outside a town and gets robbed by the resident villain  Jadyn played one of the pupils of the schoolmarm, Miss. Springwell. All performers must put together their own costume. In another turn of fortunate events, my niece had recently had a pioneer dress and bonnet sewn for her to attend a themed birthday party. It was a little big on Jadyn, but it fit the role perfectly.


In character:


The play was performed 3 times, two mornings in a row for the students and staff at school and one evening performance for the public. I was able to sit with Jake's class during the two morning performances, since it is his teacher that directs the plays. Here is Jadyn on stage during one of the morning performances:


Cast photo op:


Jadyn with "Miss Springwell" and her best friend and fellow pupil Riley:


Taking a bow after the public evening performance:


Celebrating with Riley and gearing up for the cast party:


The whole experience for both Jadyn and myself as parent was great from start to finish. It also made for an exhausting week but well worth it. I have no doubt Jadyn has been bit by the acting bug and this will not be her last time participating in plays and musicals.

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Carrie said...

I just love her dress and hat :) You can tell in the photos she had the best time performing! :)