Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two birds, One stone

Over the long holiday weekend, we went the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve. This is one of my favorite spots to visit, especially in the fall because it actually looks and feels like fall with all the mature trees and falling leaves. It also has a very pretty and easy nature trail. Anyway, going here was on our fall list as well as playing in fallen leaves. I also took the opportunity to get a good family picture for holiday cards, therefore this one trip accomplished a lot all at once. And it didn't disappoint. It was beautiful and fun and yes, I got the picture I wanted for our cards.

Here are some outtakes and candids from our time there:

I also wanted a picture for our holiday card that included Kuma. I modified an idea I found on Pinterest to take this shot. I didn't end up using it for the card, but I still thought it was worth sharing. The kids ended up staying in bed and reading all of the Polar Express even after I was done taking pictures:

A big shout out to the Miller Family for going with us and taking the family pictures. 

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NathanandSolinda said...

I love the pictures! We will be going there to get family pictures on Nov. 24.