Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pets Abound

We are pet sitting a friend's guinea pig while they are visiting family out of state. Apparently having a very active dog and two cats just isn't enough for my kids, especially Jadyn who surprise, surprise, now wants a guinea pig. I love that she loves animals as much as I do but I try to be realistic about how many pets we can have at any given time.

The fact of the matter is that I have always thought of guinea pigs as a boring pet, the one you get your kid because you don't want to get stuck with the responsibility of a dog or cat. But I have to admit that after a week,  this little guy has kind of grown on me. And both kids, but again especially Jadyn, have yet to tire of caring for and giving more than enough attention to him.

Here is Jadyn with Snickerdoodles:

And speaking of pets, a couple of weeks ago when we were visiting the kitties, I noticed a younger female chocolate lab. I mentioned to Joe that she might be a good companion for Kuma and we took her home on an overnight trial. However, during the short time with us, she never really seemed very interested in playing with Kuma and so with a very heavy heart, we took her back to the shelter.

But never fear because this story has a happy ending. I mentioned the lab to a friend who happened to also want to add another dog to their family and so they went and got her for an overnight trial and she turned out to be a good fit.

Of course, now that she has had more time to adjust to being out of the shelter, she has warmed up to Kuma's boundless energy and when she came over last week for a puppy play date, things went much better.

Kuma and Harley:

So all is well that ends well.


Joanna said...

Some people really love guiena pigs, but I'm with you, I don't get them. I'd rather have a cat.

I'm happy that the chocolate lab found a good home, even if it wasn't yours.

Lindsay said...

I don't really do guinea pigs, either, but my niece just got one that she LOVES. The other niece got a hamster. Their mom (my SIL) got a baby ... FTW!

Beth said...

LOL Lindsay. Can't wait to see how the Funny Nose family might grow in the future. So many fun choices! (Ha ha ha.) We have a whole fountain full of snails now, if you're interested. :-(