Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mama said knock you out

Remember that other front top tooth of Jadyn's? The one that was already naturally loose?

I am not sure why Jadyn's teeth can't just fall out. She has to endure some kind of trauma for it to happen. At least it seems that way as of late.

Last night Jadyn was playing in Jake's room, went to look out the window and knocked her loose front tooth out on Jake's bed post. There was blood. There was crying. But in the end, she admitted that it didn't hurt so much as scare her. There is evidence of the accident, not only by her now missing tooth, but she also bit her lip in the process.

I now have TWO front top toothless kids (although in all fairness one of Jake's permanent teeth is about half way in).

This has definitely been a summer of crazy milestones!