Monday, April 30, 2012

Seven Days of Spring Break 2012 Edition

Exactly like last year, we went straight from Jake's birthday party weekend into spring break. And so I thought that just like last year I would summarize with highlights of each day.

Day 1 - was Jake's actual birthday. With the weather finally warming up and the kids just itching to be in the water, I decided to take them to the spa pools.

We capped off Jake's birthday with dinner out and frozen yogurt but the real excitement occurred when Jadyn and I decided to sing him happy birthday. Jake decided to try and extinguish the flame of the candle by blinking it out with his eye, got to close and ended up singeing some of his hair off. Luckily it only shows if you look real close and his hair grows quickly.

Day 2 - I attempted to get the kids to go with me for Kuma's daily walk. At first they were excited and Jake wanted to test out his genuine camoflauging net that he got as a birthday gift from Cruz and Tara. If you look real close, you can see him hiding behind this bush. And Jake and Kuma especially had a ton of fun climbing these piles of dirt. However, the second half of the walk was filled with whining and a lot of "Are we almost home?" We finished off the day with a play date.

Day 3 - On the road to Grandma and Grandpa's, we made stops at ToysRus and Target so Richie Rich could spend his birthday money. We also stopped for dinner at one of my personal faves - The Old Spaghetti Factory and score! We got to sit in the trolley and the kids actually ate some of their salads. Jadyn was digging out carrots and Jake even tried a radish. This is a big accomplishment for my picky eaters.

We also found out that for the second year in a row, Jake had his picture in the paper for baseball. I think the reporter that covers Little League must have a little crush on Jake or something (kidding of course) because what are the odds? Pretty cool though.

Day 4 - DISNEYLAND!!!! We spent two days there but day one we met up with the Niles family. This worked out so well. Jake had a blast spending the day with his best friend Sam and I had extra adults to make it easier for taking the kids on all the rides. I so enjoyed their company and their tricks for maximizing fast passes so we hardly ever waited in line for more than 10-15 minutes.

Day 5 - Disneyland (not in caps on purpose). Two straight days is A LOT. We still had a ton of fun but there was a lot more whining and meltdowns (definitively more from one child than the other). Space Mountain was a huge hit with both kids. I think between the two days we went on it at least 6 times.

Jadyn, my little thrillseeker also loved Splash Mountain, but as you can tell Jake not so much.

Day 6 - Was supposed to be a day to recover but we ended up with a full schedule. We picked up Kuma from the pet sitter, both kids had team pictures for baseball and then we attended a swim party for Jadyn's best friend Riley.

Day 7 - a day of rest and some good news. Jake is still in the process of putting together all the MegaBlok Halo sets he got with his birthday money and Jadyn took on a project of her own. Organizing the magnets by color was completely her idea but I was of course happy to oblige. I don't know if I should be proud or petrified that my OCD has obviously rubbed off on them.

 The good news is that Joe will be home from El Paso (where he is working on a project for his current contract) earlier than expected. Only 2 more weeks of single parenting! We have been missing Daddy.

So it was a great spring break. It went by way too fast. But now we are back at school for only 31 more days before summer break and if this last week was any indication, I think it is going to be one epic summer.


Beth said...

Wow--way to make the most of your spring break! I like how you keep it real, though, making note of the inevitable meltdowns. :-) We have seven weeks of school left--ACK! Hadn't really thought about that 'till you said it. That's just 34 days.

Carrie77 said...

What a fun Spring break you had, love the Disneyland pics! Glad he will be home SOON!!!

Cacey said...

SO jealous of your awesome spring break! Admittedly, I'm mostly jealous of what looks like awesome weather. I'm sick of cold! LOL at Jadyn's organizing. That sounds just like something Elijah would do, apparently OCD is hereditary!

Karen said...

Your Spring break looked awesome!! We only have 4 weeks of school left here. Michael's last day is May 30th and the last 3 are half days.