Monday, April 23, 2012

Nerf Wars birthday party: The execution

The main event of Jake's birthday party was 3 rounds of a Capture the Flag game. The guests were randomly split into two teams, The Desert Dogs:

Versus the Woodland Wolves:

The battle was intense and fun and extremely close but the Desert Dogs edged to victory:

Back inside, everyone decided to get in more target practice:

The strategy that worked so well for the Desert Dogs was hiding their "ace in the hole", the only girl in the battle, Jake's cousin Madison who hid in the fort and shot anyone who got near their flag:

And even though one round did go to the Woodland Wolves, in the end the Desert Dogs edged them out claiming the third and final round:

In between rounds, I had more traditional birthday party activities inside so everyone cool down and re-energize with food and drink. I loved this scene where all the Nerf gear was compiled before heading inside:

The activities included singing happy birthday:

And opening gifts:

Overall I think everyone had a really good time and if exhaustion is a good indicator, I definitely think the party can be considered a success. And as a PS, I am pretty sure I will be finding random Nerf darts throughout the house and yard for some time to come. 


LauraC said...

Looks like an awesome, awesome party! Great planning and seriously so fun!

Beth said...

Such a cool party Jen! Great job. I'm so impressed with how organized you are and it looks like the kids had a blast. I'm filing this one away under great ideas!

Cacey said...

So cool! I made a HUGE mistake in telling Elijah about this party and how he wants one. Um, except we're missing all the friends, he doesn't know nearly enough boys to pull this off! I told him we'd have a nerf war with his cousins and uncles someday.

Great job!

Janna said...

WOW! you should plan parties for a living! This is AMAZING!!!!