Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just like Harry Potter

Last Saturday I took the kids to the town's family fun day. This particular event had a theme of Wizards and Magic and with the kids love of all things Harry Potter, I knew they would have fun. We saw the same magician perform that we had gone to see over the summer during the library's reading program, Joel Ward. Jadyn and I took our picture with him and one of the doves he uses in his act. I had to comment to him that I also caught him on an episode of Tosh.O. Quite a jump to go between performing in front of families and small children and then being on a comedy show that is most definitely adults only.

Some of the other activities included wand-making and potion making. Jake made brainiac brew and Jadyn made liquid luck.

We also watched them put together a Muggle Quiddtich tournament. It seemed kind of confusing to me but it was a cute concept and the kids enjoyed watching it.

Overall it was a fun event. It also made us want to go home and have a Harry Potter marathon. But we didn't.

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