Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Meme

Yes, it is my birthday. Taking a cue from Joanna, instead of adding on to 30, I am going to start subtracting from 40. Therefore I am now 40-2. The idea behind this concept is that in 2 years when I actually do turn the big 4-0, it won't seem like such a big deal since I will have essentially been trying it on for the 2 years prior.

Anyway, LauraC tagged everyone who read her blog post to answer the following 11 questions and (no pressure here) challenged everyone to be the most entertaining by bribing them with a Starbucks gift card. So while I highly doubt I can be the MOST entertaining, I sure as heck am going to try anyway. Besides, it's my birthday so why not do a post that is all about ME!

1. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Okay, so not as unique an answer as someone who has never had a Girl Scout cookies but don't kill me for admitting, I am not a huge fan. Forced to choose, I would say Thin Mints but what I really love about this time of year is the limited edition ice cream that Dreyer's puts out - Slow Churned Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint ice cream is worth stocking up on now to ensure you have plenty during the warm summer months.

2. What is the one item on which you always splurge? My hair. I gave up a lot of splurging to stay at home with the kids (totally worth it!). I rarely get professional mani/pedis and gave up 99% of the products I used to use from department stores or salons, not to mention name brand clothes BUT I still get my hair highlighted and cut professionally every 6-12 weeks depending on how blonde I am at any given time. Furthermore, not only do I budget for this splurge, I travel 88 miles to get it done by the same hairdresser back home that has done my hair for 15 years now. Kris is amazing and totally worth it and it is a nice reason to have dinner at the in-laws every 2 months or so.

3. What's the best book you've read in the last 10 years?It wasn't the best book but the one that has the most sentimental value for me is Twilight. Before you roll your eyes, please understand that prior to reading Twilight I had somehow lost my love of reading. Between only reading textbooks and research while completing my degree, getting married, moving multiple times and having kids, I hadn't read for pleasure in as long as I could remember. With Twilight, I rediscovered something that is now once again an integral part of who I am.

4. What is your favorite summer drink? June Bug. Total foo-foo tasting girly drink that packs a powerful alcoholic punch. It contains Malibu Rum, Midori, banana liquor, sweet and sour and pineapple juice.

5. Spring or fall? Fall. Love the colors, activities, holidays and sports associated with the season.

6. If you are not doing your dream job right now, what would it be?Write anything, counsel others, either high school or college-aged young adults not sure what path they want to take or young military wives needing assistance as they learn more about the culture they have married into.

7. Is there a better movie role model than Maude?Better, I don't know. How about Alice from Alice in Wonderland? A role model for me would be one that doesn't give a shit what others think of them but still takes the feelings of those they care about into consideration. A delicate balance indeed.

8. If you had $100 to spend at Target, what would you buy? Ahh. This is stressing me out. I love Target. I could seriously blow an entire paycheck there in the bat of an eye. Right now it would definitely be home decor and organizational items for my office.

9. Have you ever tried boxed wine? If it was good, what was the brand? Not that I am aware of but that doesn't mean I haven't.

10. If you could meet one blogger who would it be? Cacey is the first of many I still hope to meet including the WAHM group from BBC.

11. If I could photograph you doing anything, what would it be? I triple dog dare you to get a candid of myself that I actually like but seriously? Posed and candid shots of my family and I up in Joshua Tree National Park.

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