Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zoom Action

During the fall, so much of our time is spent at the soccer fields, whether it be for practices or games. Saturdays are definitely dominated by the kids soccer game schedules. So this past weekend I put on the zoom lens for some close-up shots of the Funny Nose kids in action.

And thanks to this guy (our close family friend Cruz who came to watch the kids' games)

Jadyn played the most aggressive she has all season. Not only did she have some great saves while playing goalie, she actually kicked the ball on the field too. Check her out doing this fancy reversal move:

I am so proud of the improvement she has made so far this season:

Afraid of a bigger boy from the opposite team trying to kick a goal? Not my girl:

Now Jake has never had an issue with being aggressive but going into the next age division and playing with all boys this year in a new town, well let's just say it took him awhile to get his footing. He is turning out to be one heck of a defender:

His famous slide tackle, which is quite effective when used correctly but some games I swear he spends more time on the ground than he does anything else. His knees have permanent grass stains:

But when the offense is off trying to score goals for his team, never fear! Jake is still defending his territory, even if in a way that is completely unrelated to the game of soccer. He is definitely ALL boy:

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Joanna said...

Great action shots! Love, love, love the motion in them.