Friday, October 22, 2010

Show Me the Mommy - Two for the price of one!

When I had my first blogfriend meetup with Laura and her family at Legoland last January, we decided that we frequent the area often enough that it would be worth getting season passes. I never would have been able to guess a) just how often we would use the passes. I believe to date we have been at least 8 times now and b) that having the said season passes would lead to an opportunity for a second blogfriend meetup.

Even though I was able to meet 10 more of my online friends during our weekend trip to Vegas recently, their were still several ladies that I was very disappointed would not be able to attend and Mel was among that list. So when she mentioned that she was taking her girls to Legoland during their vacation to San Diego, I jumped at the change to meet up with her. I was even more super excited because for Mel, this would be her first ever blogfriend meetup. I had to represent for all the awesome Mommies in our group.

Thanks to Jake for taking this picture of us with my big ole camera in the rain:

And although it presented some challenges, it didn't even matter that it pretty much rained the entire day (so much for showing Mel good ole sunny California). It was so worth it to get to spend some time getting to know Mel in person. By this point it is no surprise to me that she is exactly as advertised by her blog and conversing online - quick-witted and smart, warm and friendly and passionate about her family. And her girls - just as cute in person as they are in all the photos, even more so because I got to see them interact.

And it took very little time at all before Analese made quick friends with both Jake and Jadyn and little Mariele (which I now know how to pronounce correctly) was right there trying to get in the action. Unfortunately, she didn't make it into any of the pictures.

I love how Analese seems a little unsure about this ride at first:

But it wasn't long before all three were giggling and smiling:

Posing in front of the Lego pumpkin patch:

The kids didn't seem to care about the weather. They had a blast together. So much so that we had barely made it out to the car when Jake and Jadyn asked when they would get to see their new friends again. It may be awhile but I am so thankful that we had this opportunity. Not only were Mel and her girls super fun to hang out with, I got to be the lucky one to prove that they really do exist in real life.


LauraC said...

Mel is real!!!
I can't believe it was THIS YEAR that we met up at Legoland. Huge year.

Mel said...

I love the pics that you got, especially the two showing Analese warming up to the ride! I'm so glad that we met-up. We really had a great time! Analese just loves Jake and Jadyn. I was telling Lee how Jake was making her laugh, and Lee would ask her, "So, was Jake funny?" Her reply: "Jake AND Jadyn were BOTH funny!" Hopefully there will be other meet-ups in the future:) The neat thing about having blog buddies is having this network of friends all across the country.

London said...

Love the pics of the kids together. I need more blog friend meet-ups! I really need to stop saying that, everyone is going to start thinking I'm desperate or something..

Lindsay said...

Sooo super jealous! And now I'm all worried that I'm pronouncing Mariele wrong!

Joanna said...

Another May 2006 mommy is real. Awesome!

And short too : )

I have no idea how to pronounce Mariele. Do tell.

Julie said...

Looks like a great day, all around, despite the rainy weather. Great pics of you and Mel and the kiddos as well!

Carrie77 said...

How exciting! I've only met one other May Mommy, its so fun!