Thursday, January 21, 2010

Because That is How We Roll

Leave it to us Funny Noses to make an event out of a Southern California rain storm. It's been raining all week. I love the rainy weather when we can stay indoors but going out in it when there is possible flash flood warnings? No thanks. So I had the kids play hooky from school. Tuesday Jadyn had some mysterious (less than) 24 hour bug and to heck if I am going to drive her one town over in weather like this. With Jake their is less of an excuse but we certainly have been enjoying it.

First thing, the kids are so used to going out in the rare snow and summer rain storms that they just couldn't resist the lure of the rising mud puddles in the yard. So they decided to go for a drive in their power wheels while all bundled up for the wet and cold:

Back inside, it quickly became apparent that we would need to find another way to expend their energy so we allowed them to do some tricks off the couch, which led to Joe playing with the camera settings to "capture" the motion. Well he caught the motion, but Jake looks like a ghost!

A little tinkering and he caught Jake midway through a move he has labeled "the touchdown":

During the quieter periods, the kids have been playing with their "Fun Fusion" beads and I have been meaning to make a product placement for this greatest of great craft inventions. We initially got them as a good activity for when Jake patches his eye but the kids have played with them for literally hours on end. After you get the beads on the peg board in the design of your choice, you use the provided wax paper to iron the design in place. Then the kids can play with their creations. Pretty cool.

The rest of the day included comfort foods like homemade chicken noodle soup and chocolate chip cookies, popcorn and a movie and some family friendly competitive video games. Like I said, leave it to us to turn a simple winter rain storm into an event.


Steph said...

Sounds fun! We have had lots of rain here, but I'm not as creative as you as to what to do with that indoors time! The beads look fun, I bet Cooper would enjoy something like that too. I will have to get him a set and put it away until summer break.

London said...

What a fun day! Oh, Jake's lego set up on the table reminds me soo much of my brother. He always had lego cities everywhere.

Joanna said...

Cool picture! It's freaky being able to see through Jake.

Those beads look fun. I'll consider getting them for Michael when he stops putting everything in his mouth.

DesiDVM said...

I remember those beads from when I was a kid! Think I'll be going to Michael's this weekend LOL.

We've had so much rain this week as well, we're running out of rainy day ideas.

Carrie77 said...

Haha Jake does look like a ghost... and really, we have a bit of that at my house, too. Nathan loves doing tricks on the couch. (sigh) Those beads are really neat, I may need to look for those... altho, I am sure Autumn would try to eat them.

Mel said...

COOL pictures of Jake! And I had no idea the hot wheels were so rugged that they could go through flood waters. We have not yet tested the limits of her Barbie Jeep, apparently LOL!