Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Famous Last Words

In regard to the kids recent dental checkup I said, "With all the cavities we have been getting the last few checkups, we walked away with a scolding for Jake to brush better and a cracked filling that Jadyn will need repaired. I guess that isn't too bad right?"

So I scheduled an appointment to have Jadyn's cracked filling repaired, waiting until after they were out of school since it was not bothering her. Then last week she started complaining of pain when eating so I called and got them to fit her in sooner. We went yesterday expecting that she might not even need the "numbing fairies" to repair the crack. Well that turned out to be WRONG!

Once the dentist started exploring the cracked filling, it became apparent that the nerve was affected so he had to perform a pulpotomy, which is the baby teeth or temporary version of a root canal. He had to numb her TWO additional times before she stopped crying from the discomfort. I held her hand and tried my best to soothe her but it was just one of those emotionally draining moments where you feel completely helpless as a mother. It was awful. 

Jadyn is now the proud owner of a silver crown. She was also rewarded with frozen yogurt and a new Tinkerbell movie. But the question that remains is when that silver crowned baby tooth falls out in the next couple of years, will it yield a higher value from the tooth fairy? I think it just might.

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Carrie77 said...

Nathan had a silver crown put on last year, it was a very troublesome little tooth. This last dentist visit, he had NO cavities. We've really been trying to do better. It was nice, because we had two visits in a row with cavities. Not cheap, either! Yeah, it'll be interesting when the silver crown falls out someday... heheh