Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Showers

The first several years we lived out here in the desert, I remember summer thunderstorms occurring rather regularly throughout July and especially August. The kids lOVE playing in the summer rain and its aftermath. This last couple of years it seems like we haven't had as much rain during the summer and what little we have gotten has come much later in the season. I seem to recall Jake being in school already when we got the majority of our summer rainfall last year and then just this last week we had humidity and rain for several days.

On Wednesday, Jadyn had her open house at preschool. We could have skipped it since she loves school and we are plenty familiar with her school, classmates and teacher but after Jake being in school for 2 days and Daddy out of town, let's just be polite and say that Jadyn and I needed to get out of the house and be around other people. My friend Rose whose son Hayden attends the preschool also sensed my need to have some time to myself and offered to take Jadyn for awhile after we were done at the open house. I could lie and say I went home and worked on files or cleaned the house but honestly? I read Mockingjay and took a nap. Anyway, that wasn't the point.

The rain started right as I was picking up Jake from school. When we went to Rose's house to pick up Jadyn, we found the kids playing, running, laughing and jumping in the rain. Jake of course immediately jumped right in the mix. I would love to take credit for some of these action shots but they come courtesy of Rose:

And unfortunately I don't know if we will get anymore thunderstorms for the little bit of summer we have left. In fact, after the few days of humidity and rain we were greeted with unseasonably cool fall-like weather and have spent the last several days with the air OFF and the windows open. Although I doubt we have seen the end of the higher temps yet, it reminds me that there is no better season than fall in the desert as you can actually enjoy being outdoors. I can't wait.

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Love these pictures!